• Laureta Huit

Kellogg's "Pep" Cereal Promotional Cereal Prizes

Kellogg Company is a beloved brand that has been in American homes for more than 110 years. They are responsible for some of our favorite cereal names, including Frosted Mini Wheats, Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks, and many more. In 1938, Kellogg’s started fortifying their cereals with vitamins and minerals. Pep, a whole wheat cereal, was the first cereal to be fortified with B vitamins and vitamin D. In the 1940s, Kellogg’s played multiple roles in the war effort. Their employees produced K-rations for the U.S. armed forces, and in every box of Pep, kids could find either a War Insignia Pin or a model war plane. A complete set of War Insignia Pins consisted of 36 pins, and each represented a squadron in the military. For the model war planes, there were four distinct subsets with seven cards each. They were die-cut and could be put together for individuals to identify the real ones. Each card has a description of the place and how to spot them. There are several pins and model war planes on display at the museum. Curated and Written by Alexa Templeton.


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