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“From Bataan to Freedom” The World War II Odyssey of Errett Louis Lujan Through the Death March and Five Japanese POW Camps Lecture by Judy Reed May 9, 2024, Opening Reception 5:30 PM at NMMM

Judy Reed is a retired archeologist living in Wake Forest, North Carolina. In addition to several published analyses in archeology, and short fictional stories in several volumes of County Lines—A Literary Journal, her brief history of Santa Fe in WWII is included in the 2010 anthology commemorating the 400th anniversary of the founding of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Judy Reed served as a key and instrumental figure in establishing our museum collection.  She served as museum volunteer archives and collections manager, and her tireless efforts left a legacy to be cherished for all time to come.  We are grateful to her for all the work she contributed to our museum.  Through her work as our archivist, she was able to establish and solidify her father’s harrowing story.  Retracing his steps through personal journals and family correspondence, shedding light on the plight he faced and rewrote the narrative she had held throughout her life.   The product of her work here is the publication of, “From Bataan to Freedom”. 

Errett Lujan served during World War II with the U.S. Army 200th/515th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft) Regiment in the Philippines, the largest regiment on the islands when the Japanese invaded just hours after Pearl Harbor. The regiment was credited as both the first and the last to fire on the enemy before surrendering. Lujan survived the invasion, the Bataan Death March and more than three years in POW camps.After the war, he said little to his family about his harrowing experiences. Written by his daughter, this lovingly researched narrative pieces together the story of his service and his imprisonment, drawing on Lujan’s diaries and letters, and original interviews with 200th/515th survivors and former POWs.

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