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New Mexico Military Museum opens WWI Exhibit

By Joseph Vigil, Chief of Public Affairs, NMNG

SANTA FE, N.M. - The New Mexico Military Museum's World War I exhibit attracted a few hundred visitors over the Memorial weekend.

This special interactive exhibit, which commemorates the end of WWI, continues through May 2020.

Visitors enjoyed climbing aboard a German UB6 Submarine to man the machine gun turret and take their turn at the helm. As they entered the replica command bunker similar to the one NMNG's A Battery (Roswell) may have used, they couldn't help but notice the flicker of the Edison bulbs. The bunker also featured a Zimmerman telegraph where visitors heard the ticking of the telegram at work while they practiced sending messages.

You couldn't help but notice the can rations eaten during that time period and the original ammo can used to carry Springfield M1903 ammo sitting in the corner. While walking into the aviation maintenance area of the SE5 Biplane, you could hear the buzz of Biplanes overhead, while looking at Biplane worn out pistons that had just been replaced. The wings and the tail were also being repaired as well as the main fuselage.

The replica of the American WWI Meuse-Argonne Cemetery in France provided a solemn story of the many American Service Members who were killed in action during the Great War, including the 93 New Mexicans who are still interned there.

While the information panel boards provided a great historical perspective of the Great War, visitors asked many great questions of the Exhibit's subject matter experts - World War I author and expert Jeff Lowdermilk and Capt. Gabe Peterman, the museum's historian. They enjoyed sharing their in-depth knowledge of the Great War, adding to the visitor's experience. The World War I Exhibit is definitely worth the visit, so bring your family and friends and enjoy. Admission is free.

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